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    válasz Dr. Akula #389 üzenetére

    Hat pedig nincs. A bongeszok nem hasznaljak Linux alatt.

    2015-ben nyitott Chromium issue: https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=463440

    Chromium fejleszto valasza:

    "Our goal is to have a Stable and secure browser first, and a GPU-accelerated one second, when possible. As we found out time and again, any sort of GPU acceleration has a lot of maintenance associated with it, between the multitude of configurations our users run, the general lack of quality of drivers (in particular on Linux), and the constant stream of incoming issue due to new hardware, driver, or distribution release. Many of these issues are not even directly attributable to this or that acceleration feature (e.g. causing random memory corruption or GPU hangs), so even investigating to narrow down a blacklist entry is significant non-trivial work.

    As we do not have the resources to commit to dealing with this continued incoming stream of issues, and we don't want to compromise the first goal (stable and secure browser), our choice is not to enable these acceleration features on Linux."

    Szoval nincs, es nem is tervezik bekapcsolni. Te megpatchelheted, de semmilyen bongeszo nem tamogatja (hivatalosan) jelenleg Linuxon a (rendesen) gyorsitott videolejatszast.

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