With over 50 - 60 000 daily readers (unique visitors) and 500 - 600 000 daily pageviews, PROHARDVER! is firmly holding the leading position amongst the Hungarian websites specialized for computer news and reviews. While there are plenty of more general IT/business portals in Hungary, PROHARDVER! is the only member of the online media that is committed to providing product news, in-depth hardware reviews and technology articles.

PROHARDVER! is fully acknowledged as the number one hardware portal by the biggest manufacturers and the Hungarian distributors, as well.

Ever since it's introduction in 2001 July, PROHARDVER! is constantly and dinamically broadening in terms of readers, which can mainly be attributed to our fast paced, high-quality content, the direct cooperation with the manufacturers and the great contacts with the resellers and computer shops on the Hungarian market.

(Our website is being audited by Szonda Ipsos and Median, the two official webauditing and statistics companies in Hungary.)

The facts

  • We publish over 50 news, 2 video reviews and 4-5 review articles every week. Our test lab and our reviews are the most well-respected of such in Hungary.
  • We are in direct contact with the biggest manufacturers in the world, ensuring the speed and accuracy of the published content on our site. Such companies are Intel, AMD, ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, Nvidia, Samsung, Acer, LG, HP, Lenovo, Fujitsu to name a few.
  • We are in direct contact with the biggest distributors in Hungary, including JTC, Cedrus, Asbis, Expert and Ramiris.
  • Our forums have over 530 000 registered users and 30 million posts, making it the largest computers community in Hungary and the 13th largest in the world.
  • We have provided content for leading printed and online media and have been introduced in television several times. Many Hungarian magazines and computer stores take our reviews as reference information.
  • PROHARDVER! attends the greatest IT/computer shows and is the only hardware website that is a regular visitor of CES in Las Vegas, Computex Taipei and CeBIT in Hannover.
  • PROHARDVER! is unmatched in size, content quality and quantity amongst PC/hardware media in Hungary.

The readers

Due to the nature and the content of our website, the readers are mainly from the younger (18-35 years old) generation with a high educational level, living in Budapest or other urban areas. They represent people with a type A monthly income in average and are exceptionally open to technological advancements and the news of the IT industry.

It is becoming a common tendency for resellers and end-user shops to use our reviews and forums as the base of their decisions about products they offer, or even complete distributions!

If you require more specific data, statistics or anything else, please pick up contact with us!

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