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  • Mutsux



    Keresnék valakit aki képes egyedi ROM-ot készíteni.
    Az alany Samsung s10e, android 9 vagy 10.

    Ami szükséges lenne:

    Custom boot animation (our branding)
    Support Samsung interaction control app, in order to prevent touch on the screen (but if you have another solution, that is fine)
    NFC support (our apk-s using NFC, they start using NFC cards)
    Disable the "Allow the app APPNAME to access the USB device?” system message, when starting up our applications. (CP2101 USB to UART bridge controller support)
    Wireless charging
    After boot, our developed apks needs to be run. (5 of them)
    These are VR apps, made with Unitiy3d. The phones are inside a custom made VR headset, no reach for the buttons etc.

    Ha valaki magára ismer, szóljon.


Hozzászólok Aktív témák