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    There are several reasons for the higher price. First, the Snapdragon 865 has taken a step backward in terms of SoC integration from previous years. The SoC has no onboard modem—instead, it offloads the 4G and 5G connectivity to a separate chip called the X55 Modem. Qualcomm mandates that the 865 must be bundled with the X55 modem, making 5G a requirement for any Snapdragon 865 phone. The extra chip takes up more space in the phone, it costs more, and it needs a more complicated motherboard design.
    It's not just the extra Snapdragon 865 hardware that is leading to higher phone costs. The space and power requirements push OEMs toward making phones even bigger than last year, which encourages bigger screens and bigger batteries. In many cases, you can't make an apples-to-apples comparison of the price of 5G, because everything else has gotten bigger, too. So the cost of the 865 isn't just the cost of the chip package itself—it's also the bigger, more power-hungry phones. Forrás: Arstechnica

    Financially, it's easy to see why Qualcomm made this decision. The company is probably going to make a ton of money on the Snapdragon 865, since every phone manufacturer using the 865 has to also purchase a separate modem. Qualcomm gets to sell double the amount of chips compared to last year! Since Qualcomm, according to the Federal Trade Commission, has a monopoly on high-end smartphone chips, no one can do much about this. Instead, the public will pony up for this design change in the form of more expensive devices. Forrás: Arstechnica

    Tehát a Qualcomm annál a chipnél ezt a dizájnt alkalmazva rákényszeríti a gyártókat, hogy az 5G chippel együtt vegyék meg a processzort, ami nagyobb árat, nagyobb hőtermelést, nagyobb eszközt és esetleg nagyobb aksit eredményez.

    Ezzel szemben a Snapi 765G single chip dizájnt használ, aminek köszönhetően az ár is jócskán alacsonyabb tud maradni.

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