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    válasz ChipKng #1 üzenetére

    Fura lenne. Na jó, inkább vicces. Olvasom a gyári PDF-et, de nem találom benne.

    ÁÁááá, megvan..

    " the d500 will do 4K 29.59 internal in one recording, but it splits the file into 3 minute chunks."

    Erről van szó?

    "Nikon is emphasizing the 4K video capabilities of this camera, but the functionality is limited: 4K recording is only available in a significantly cropped mode, and only 3 minutes at a time. And while the D5 includes options such as flat picture profile, Nikon has given no details yet of whether the camera has support tools such as focus peaking or zebra highlight warnings. 4K is recorded using the H.264 codec, but no bitrate information is provided as of yet. Historically, Nikon cameras have had low bitrates in video, yielding somewhat hard-to-grade footage."


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