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    Jason Hartlove, a Nanosys vezérigazgatója a HD Guru-n megjelent interjúban azt nyilatkozta:
    "What is the advantage of QLED technology?

    Hartlove: The advantage of QLED is that instead of using the white OLED material, for example, we can use a blue OLED back light and then in front of that blue light we can put selectively patterned red and green quantum dots. So now we have all of the efficiency advantage and no color filter in the system. You can actually get rid of the color filter. The color filter on every sub pixel throws away two thirds of the light energy that’s coming from the back light. The filter comes off of the sub pixel level but the quantum dot technology is delivering red, green and blue light. Today’s OLED approach is very lossy. But if we can have a blue light source, pixelate it, and in front of it have either no conversion layer or red quantum dots then the whole system efficiency would increase mathematically by a factor of 2.8 over a system using color filters."

    Szóval jól tudod.

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