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    "Neural Net Prediction: This one is super nerd-level exciting for me. Oh man. Inside the Zen architecture is an actual artificial neural network that is learning and predicting what instructions inside the CPU will be required. This learning AI is also predictive just like Smart Prefetch, but instead of predicting data, NNP is concerned with knowing what instructions and pathways inside the chip will be needed for executing an application. Staying on top of how an application can best flow through the chip also neutralizes a potential source of latency penalties.
    Together, Neural Net Prediction and Smart Prefetch represent a pretty big chunk of the +40% IPC we’ve previously cited."

    Erről még nem olvastam, azt hiszem.

    pezo77 #5 2017.12.14. 13:29 Hmm. És ez az e-hajó akkor hol is tud kikötni? Az e-bay -ben? ;)

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