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    Hamarosan jön a 0.6-os update, monza és a Nissan GTR két verziója, rengeteg bugfix, optimalizáció és új netkód társaságában.

    Majdnem mindent átírtak ill újraírtak :)

    With the 6th update, we will introduce many interesting additions (besides the iconic Monza Circuit and both Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3s), but it will also be the first public version based on the significant changes and refactoring we decided to go for back in December.
    You will for sure notice small enhancements such as improved camera features, up to possible game changers like the radar widget, performance gains and massively improved overall stability. On top of working on several gameplay-related concepts, we also evaluated much of the experience we had already collected during the first 5 releases in the Early Access programme. For instance, in multiplayer we reworked (if not changed completely the concepts of) the netcode, session handling, entry lists, timing, leaderboards and configuration (server admins: massive changes, see here).
    First of all, it means that none of the reports and bugs for earlier versions are valid anymore, and we need to look if we find new things. But this also means that we applied the same changes to the corresponding singleplayer modes, so most of our efforts actually were aimed at the complete gameplay instead of being restricted to multiplayer.

    #1 Multiplayer
    As already noted, the multiplayer changed a lot from a technical point of view, while the end-user experience should be pretty much the same. You will find the same server selection, join a server and go out and drive. Aside from a few menu changes, if we did the job well, you won't find too much of a difference from the 0.5 multiplayer version, except in:

    - improved performance (mostly CPU side)
    - improved stability
    - reduced ping peaks
    - no unexpected situations due to invisible server settings

    The last point is quite important: unlike the previous versions, we sharply restricted what server admins can configure - the goal is to avoid a situation where for example a StabilityControl user could join a server, notice the grip is low (but the admin only disallowed SC use). We will open up options when the time comes, but the interesting ones (and their consequences) will be understandable in the server list, even before you join a server.

    At this point I need to make a note: it is very possible, that some of our official servers will introduce a few different settings, so it's entirely possible that there will be surprises for you - however the servers will be named accordingly.

    Server admins additionally will notice that the bandwidth required to run a server is reduced by ~30-40%, depending on the amount of drivers online. Full servers will be close to those 40%. Will be happy to hear how your benchmarks confirm those estimates.

    The main goal of our past efforts are to build the foundation of a rock solid multiplayer system, and now is the time to identify things we could not see in our internal tests - but I'm highly confident that you will find yourself in exciting racing action with 0.6
    (and I can't wait to join).

    #2 Ratings
    As being said, the focus on 0.6 was clearly put on the gameplay aspects, but we will still see a bit of movement on the side of the ratings:

    - Track Competence (TR) now has a slightly improved feedback UI, where you see the total sections/corners to make for the next progress level
    - Consistency (CN) was sharpened a bit (and is the rating with the biggest impact due to the refactoring)
    - CarControl (CC) took the biggest hit; it is a lot easier and a lot harder at the same time now - depending on your personal level. Inexperienced drivers will have a hard time to reach the 50 CC value to unlock PC, but will receive the feedback they should need to improve their driving
    - Pace (PC) is not changed yet, but will be during the next days: So far we had a linear dependency between leaderboard ranks and PC rating; however this resulted in getting 98 or 99 rating for most experienced drivers. After this change, you will find the 50 PC mark untouched, but the higher values are more in line with CN and CC; 98 or 99 will *really* mean something
    - Total (TO) is not changed, but for sure needs a recalibration once we finalize the other ratings
    - General: also within the next days, you will find the new maximum value will be 99 (opposed to 100)
    - General: the 0.6 client has an array of preparations included that allows us to do a sequence of planned changes during the next weeks, so be aware of improvements for RC and the TO rating.

    Right now I'm very happy about especially CC - but as usual we will need to look at real world data and reports before we can close this book. Grateful for any feedback and reports.

    #3 Ratings reset
    We knew this day would come: With 0.6, everybody will start out from 0. This allows us to precisely see how everyone is progressing through the lower ratings (and also allowed some fundamental changes on the server side).

    Note: It's entirely possible that we reset again, but it's also possible that this was the last reset.

    #4 Broadcasting disabled
    For the moment, we had to disable the broadcasting UDP interface we introduced with 0.5. We will try to do our best to bring it back as soon as possible, but right now the priority is to make the overall game as good and stable as we want it to be.
    Question for the modders here: Sadly, the interface was made based on the concepts we rewrote with 0.6, so the easiest (and most future-proof) way to go would involve changes in the protocol, which would require changes in the code you've written since 0.5. How do you feel about this?

    That's it from my side for today - I hope you enjoy the eagerly awaited 0.6 version.
    See you on the track!

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